Vessel Romanda

Romanda was built specifically for charter fishing and has been operating from Cronulla and providing customers with that enjoyable fishing adventure for over 25 years.


Romanda is 11 metres in lenght & travels at 8 knots which is an ideal speed for trolling lures to and from our fishing grounds.

With walk around decks making it easy to move around the boat and fish in any condition.

There is ample seating, a cover over the rear of the boat, and a toilet for your convenience.

Romanda carries the latest in electronic equipment such as GPS, Radar, Auto Pilot and Depth Sounder.

Romanda carries all the required emergency equipment including Life jackets, Life rafts and 406 EPIRB.

Romanda is in N.S.W. Maritime survey 2C for 12 persons and 1E for 20 persons and is a licenced Charter Fishing Boat, and is fully insured.

* Reliable

* Affordable

* Comfortable

* Groups

* Individuals

* 7 Days